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Today's Creative Business Tip really relates to any kind of creative job that requires you to "BRING IT" and be firing on all engines every single day - it's about what happens when YOU LOSE YOUR MOJO and what you can do to GET IT BACK. I'll be using the industry of blogging as an example.

Let's get to it!

Firstly - what is YOUR MOJO?

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Your "MOJO" is that magical essence that makes what YOU do, unique. It is your special charm that fires you up, that gets you excited, that spark that allows you to BRING IT. That "IT" being the special thing that makes people LOVE what YOU do. Your MOJO is YOUR mojo. MOJOs are magical. MOJOs are cool.

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Being in sync with YOUR MOJO, you will literallly feel like you can take on the world. For the example of blogging, you will smash out blog posts, you will create killer content, you will have BOUNDLESS new ideas, you will engage with your readers with pizzaz, with charm, with energetic-witty-banter, with a radiant KA-POW!! You will literally not have enough hours in the day for you to smash out all your magical-mojo-juice-creations.

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You, with you MOJO on your shoulder, are basically creatively, inspirationally INVINCIBLE. MOJOs are powerful little weapon-creatures.

Now - as with all good things, the MOJO can sometimes escape from your clutches which is of course, an extremely terrifying thing:

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Losing your MOJO leaves you feeling flat, mopey, deflated and dejected.


The unfortunate thing, is it does not take much for you mojo to go into hiding. MOJOs (the fickle creatures that they are) are known to scramble into hibernation at the tiniest of things. In the blogging world, It could be (but is not limited to) the following scenarios:

  • Writing a blog post which somehow accidentally deletes itself. (MOJO, OUT)
  • Creating a piece of content which does not get half the number of shares/likes/views/reads that you were expecting it to. (So long MOJO)
  • Trying to create exciting content day after day, after day after day after day.... (MOJO gets bored, MOJO leaves)
  • One comment/email/note which is less than positive (MOJO SAD, MOJO GO)
  • Trying to create content like other bloggers and compete with a whole host of other people (MOJO gets panic, MOJO hides)
  • General burn out (MOJO just needs a holiday sometimes, it's exhausting after all!)


Getting your MOJO back is less about HUNTING DOWN THE MOJO and more about getting out, getting back into doing exciting, different things - so that eventually your MOJO comes skulking back to you. YOU are the person who needs to break the MOJO hibernation, YOU are the person who needs to make your MOJO come bounding back with excitement.

Here are 7 easy suggestions for GETTING YOUR {blogging} MOJO BACK.

    Don't question me on this, just do it. This is for anyone. Unplug. Disconnect to re-connect to yourself.

    Getting back in nature - in whatever way is accessible to you, is the best way to kick start your creative vibes.

    This may be difficult for some - but taking yourself out for some quality "ME-TIME" is the best thing you can do to fire up your own MOJO. Take yourself to a movie, go to a coffee shop, go sit in the park on your own. Not just a quick - gotta-get-my-coffee-in-between-my-lunch-break "alone time", but a real proper date. Having time on your own, allows you to think, to process and most importantly to OBSERVE the world around you. OBSERVING the world around you is the number one factor in getting your creative juices flowing again.

    If you are a blogger - get offline and read a book, if you are an artist - try your mind at poetry, if you are poet - give scrap-booking a go, if you are an illustrator - give knitting a shot. So often we get so bogged down in our own craft that we forget that inspiration can strike from unrelated crafts. Think about an illustrator seeing new patterns in the swirls of knitting yarn lying on the floor or a poet seeing a string of words linked together from a scrap-book layout.

    This is something that I have only recently gotten into and is something I want to explain further in the future. But trust me on this, clearing your mind, slowing your thoughts and sitting quietly on your own in silence - is phenomenally effective.

  6. SWEAT.
    Getting your blood pumping, your endorphins buzzing and your body sweating is a great way to alleviate stress and to get your groove back. Choose something that works for you, something that does not feel like a chore - it could be rollerblading, home yoga or wild dancing in your living room!

    Lastly, do something brave! Doing something that physically, mentally or emotionally challenges you will quickly get you firing on all cylinders! Whether "being brave" to you is going rock climbing or whether being brave to you is going to a movie on your own - do something that gets you out your comfort zone. There is nothing like breaking your own boundaries and exceeding your own expectations to bring your MOJO running back to your awesome self!

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